Welcome to Warfsholm

At Warfsholm, we try as far as possible to cook our food with ingredients from our local area. We choose organic when we can and try to buy in season. Our meat comes from animals that had a good life on Gotland.

Breakfast: Feel free to come and have breakfast at Warfsholm. If possible, please book in advance.

Fika: Coffee and home baked goods. We bake everything ourselves. Choose between several kind of pastries and cookies.

Lunch: We have a selection of dishes. Hot and cold, fish, meat and vegetarian. We serve lunch on weekends during the low season and daily from June.

Dinner: during the summer season we have an à la carte menu. Spring and autumn: contact us for the evening’s menu.

Please book a table for breakfast and dinner

For questions and bookings contact us on 0498 240010 or send an email to info@warfsholm.se


Reserve a table


Salad with cold smoked salmon, fennel, almond potatoes & lemon and mustard dressing
SEK 185

Spicy lamb sausage from Rommund’s sheep farm with home-baked sausage bread, sauerkraut, dijon mayonnaise.
1  SEK 85, 2 SEK 160

Lamb burger on lamb mince from Graute Gård, home-baked bread, scallion mayo and fried potatoes (also available as veg or vegan with burgers from Gotland’s sausage factory)
SEK 230

Goat cheese salad with beetroot, apple, walnuts and honey dressing
SEK 170

Shrimp sandwich on Danish rye bread, egg and spring onion mayonnaise
1/2 SEK 110-1/1 SEK 215

Sandwich with guacamole on peas, homemade country bread, tomato
SEK 85 + fried organic egg SEK 20 + cold smoked salmon SEK 30

Pensionat Dinner

Asparagus soup from Stenhuse with cold smoked salmon.


Sirloin steak from Sigulds Gård (required) with fried potatoes and red wine sauce


Chard with almond potato puree, Swiss chard and hollandaise sauce


Vanilla panna cotta with strawberries from Stenhuse and cake crumbs.