We at Warfsholm try as far as possible to cook our food with ingredients from our local area. We choose organic when we can and try to buy in season. Our meat comes from animals that had a good life on Gotland.

Breakfast: Feel free to come and have a boarding house breakfast with us. Please book in advance.

Lunch: Open every day 11-15 You see our lunch menu on the right side 👉🏾

Dinner: Open every day 18-21 You see our lunch menu on the right side 👉🏾

Fika: Coffee and home baked goods. We bake everything ourselves. Choose between jam caves, dream cake, saffron pancake, vanilla cone, rhubarb cake or perhaps a homemade vacuum cleaner?

Sit inside the guesthouse’s lovely dining room or on our large outdoor terrace.

Book a table at info@warfsholm.se or call 0498240010

We are open for breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner.

Breakfast every day between 08-10

Lunch every day 11-15

Fika every day 11 – and of course you can have Fika until we close)

Dinner / food: we are open every evening for dinner. it is also possible to get something nutritious throughout the day.

If you want to come to Warfsholm for a conference or to celebrate someone or something, get in touch.

//Elin & Michael

this week's menu

Lunch menu

Lamb burger on minced lamb fr. Rommunds gård or Tajnungs kravgård, spring onion mayo, pickled red onion, fried potatoes and home-baked bread SEK 215

Cold smoked salmon salad with lemon dressing, seasonal vegetables & potatoes SEK 175

Fennel sausage from Gotland’s sausage factory (pork from Buttlegrisen) with warm potato salad and mustard dressing SEK 165

Goat cheese salad with beets, apple and walnuts. honey dressing SEK 165

Shrimp sandwich on rye bread with spring onion mayonnaise 1/2 SEK 110 1/1 SEK 200

For children, we have homemade oven pancakes with raspberry jam (SEK 85) or Lamb burgers with bread, fried potatoes and ketchup (SEK 125)


Served from 18.00


Butter-fried toast with Skagen batter, smoked caviar, pickled cucumber and lemon

Carpaccio on red, yellow and polka beets, goat cheese cream, caramelised walnuts, pickled apple and artichoke chips

Citrus-encrusted char on home-made seed neck with lemon-marinated asparagus

Hot dish

Gotland lamb roast beef, served with a rosemary sky, roasted new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Fried char served with a beaurre blanc, parsnip puree and seasonal vegetables

The vegetarian of the week (which is also available vegan) is based on seasonal vegetables and root vegetables from Stenhuse farm


Rhubarb, strawberry, cookie crumble and vanilla

Variations of chocolate – served with fresh berries

Three Swedish cheeses – served with home-made seed neck and an orange, carrot & ginger marmalade

Hot dish: SEK 325

2 courses: SEK 495

3 courses: SEK 595

Always at Warfsholm

Gotland burger

Available as either a lamb burger or a veggie burger on lentils and quinoa from Gotland’s sausage factory. Served in homemade hamburger buns with spring onion aioli, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato and fried potatoes.

SEK 215

Shrimp sandwich

Served on rye bread with spring onion aioli, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and lemon. You can get a whole one with two rye breads or a half with one rye bread

SEK 110 / SEK 200

Cheese and charcuterie tray

Served with three different Swedish charcuterie and three different Swedish cheeses, home-baked chickpeas, orange-carrot & ginger marmalade, garlic and herb-marinated olives.

Garlic and herb marinated olives

SEK 45


SEK 45