Welcome to Warfsholm

At Warfsholm, we strive to prepare our food using ingredients from our local area. We choose organic whenever possible and aim to buy in-season produce. Our meat comes from animals that have had a good life on Gotland.

Breakfast: Please join us for a guesthouse breakfast. Reservations are appreciated.

Coffee Break/Fika: Coffee and homemade treats. We bake everything ourselves. Choose from jam-filled thumbprint cookies, dream cake, saffron pancakes, vanilla pastries, rhubarb cake, or perhaps a homemade pastry?

Lunch: We offer a selection of dishes, both hot and cold, including fish, meat, and vegetarian options. We serve lunch on weekends during the off-season and daily from June.

Dinner: During the summer season, we have an à la carte menu. In spring and autumn, please contact us for the evening’s menu.



Breakfast is served: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Lunch: 11:30 AM – 18.00 PM

Dinner from 6:00 PM

Coffee Break/ Fika all day

We recommend making reservations for breakfast and dinner.


For questions or reservations, please contact us at 0498 240010 or send an email to info@warfsholm.se.

Reserve a table

Menu all day 

Salad with hot smoked salmon, pickled fennel and radishes SEK 190

Pasta Penne with chicken (requirement, Bosarp), chorizo ​​from Gotland’s sausage factory and sun-dried tomato cream SEK 215

Lamb burger on lamb mince from Rommunds Gård with spring onion mayo, bread and fried potatoes SEK 225

Vegetarian burger from Vächtchark Gotland with spring onion mayo, bread and fried potatoes SEK 225

Cesar salad choose between Bosarp’s quality-labeled chicken thigh filet or grilled cheese from Gotland Cremery SEK 220

(both cheese and chicken + SEK 60)

Shrimp sandwich on rye bread with spring onion mayo ½ SEK 120 & 1/1 SEK 215






//Elin & Michael (Claude)